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Blog homework: What I have learnt so far in media studies

As someone who has never taken media studies before this year, I have learnt a lot in this short term. Not necessarily about camera shots and angles as I thought I would, but more about the idea of how the media and film makers manipulate us as an audience. I’m not stupid, so I knew that they obviously mediate things in order to portray certain ideas, but it was interesting to find out exactly how they were doing this. In English class, I get annoyed when we study a film which has an obvious message they want to convey to us and in our exam we have to act as if we were completely unaware and amazed by this idea which we knew from the beginning. The thing I enjoy in media studies is the fact that what we look at how we may be manipulated into thinking these ideas because that it the real interesting part of media.

I guess since I’m new to media studies I will have to work hard with learning how to edit the trailers we create and use all of those programs. To be honest, I have no idea what I’m doing with those.

Homework blog topic: Why do we need stories?

I’m not gonna lie, this question totally stumped me. I was hoping for something to write on which would allow me to provide some sort of insanely witty answer because, truth be told, I believe all blogs should be witty, even those designed for homework alone.

So as any good student would do if they are completely stuck, I googled.

I probably shouldn’t have done this, because I have a feeling Mrs Black got the idea for the question from an article on why we need stories on the internet (I could be completely mistaken here, however) but nonetheless I found some parts of a Nieman Report by Jacqui Banaszynski quite interesting.

I think the quote that really sums up the answer to why we need stories is “Without them, the stuff that happens would float around in some glob and none of it would mean anything.” I believe this is completely accurate because everything that has ever happened could be a story - even the most mundane parts. And if everything that has ever happened means nothing then our entire existence means nothing. And, to be honest, I think that is possibly one of the most depressing thoughts anyone could have.

“Stories are our prayers…Stories are history…Stories are our conscience…Finally, stories are our soul”